Can web directories improve my SEO positioning?

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There are several types of web directories that could be perfectly useful for your web business, for
example, those that offer information about local services in a certain region. These web directories,
such as yellow pages, are free and very helpful for users, so they also work for positioning strategies
based on local SEO Services in the UK.
Web directories were a useful system to be able to locate different groups of companies or websites
and to solve the communication needs between them. But what happened so that these
telephone directories were avoided by the professionals of web positioning? Well, we tried to find
the easy and fast way, which Google doesn’t like very much, since the search engine likes to work
your strategies over to the fullest. Over time, web directories became link building machines for SEO Services London.
Google started one of its usual practices: trying to improve the user experience and this time, it
included frowning upon many of the web directories within their Penguin algorithm update. Many of
these companies lowered their positions in the ranking immediately without knowing the reason, so
the panic spread. The time they had invested in this london seo technique had not served much
and some professionals were with the following message from Google.
The solution to this message was simple, get natural links on your website that did not intend to
manipulate the position in the search engine.
There are some well-known web directories that can help you improve your PageRank or position in
the Google ranking. These web directories will not harm your positioning in the future, since they
will be quality links. Please see